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All you need to know about CX Financial Services Exchange Asia

Financial institutions in Asia are now facing massive disruption. At a time when financial products and services are increasingly seen as homogenous, the emergence of FinTech and InsurTech has greatly contributed to the intensification of an already competitive landscape.

Coupled with evolving customer behaviours and heightened expectations, the race is on for Asia’s financial institutions to leverage customer experience (CX) as the key to driving organisational competitiveness and market growth in a commoditised market.

  • Discover how you can expedite the transition of your financial institution into a customer-centric, digital enterprise
  • Explore opportunities to achieve differentiation in a commoditised market through exceptional customer experience designs
  • In-depth review on optimising service delivery and customer interactions with AI, chatbot and robotics
  • Embed customer-centricity as an integral part of your business – from FinTech partnerships, product development to managing compliance

The CX Financial Services Exchange is on 25 - 27 March 2018 in Bali, Indonesia.

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CEM Exchange Asia 2017 Post Show Report

C-Suite CX leaders descended in Phuket, Thailand in March 2017 for our 2nd Annual Customer Experience Exchange Asia. With a variety of sessions - from lively panel discussions to Masterclasses and Think Tank sessions - the Exchange offered an array of opportunities to network, benchmark, exchange ...

CEM Asia Profiling Report 2017

Companies across Asia have now put customer experience (CX) at the top of their boardroom agenda. The interesting question to ask is this: how are they mapping and executing their CX strategy? To discover what these companies have planned in the short to mid-term, we have conducted a survey with ...

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Whats Wrong With Customer Service in Asia (and how to fix it)

Now that consumers have higher expectations than ever before, the pressure is on for companies in Asia to improve their customer service delivery. Worst of all, companies are regularly under-delivering, resulting in reputational damage and loss in revenue. How can this be fixed? Read on to find out.

Creating Amazing Customer Experiences in Asia

Creating amazing customer experiences has never been more important in Asia, but why? In this exclusive infographic, the CEM Asia team examines the differences between customer behaviour in Asia compared to the rest of the world and what companies must do to enhance their customer experience management and drive revenue.

How Are Leading Companies in Asia Improving CEM?

How good would you say Asia’s leading companies are at delivering excellent customer service? Due to the growing importance of customer experience management, companies need to create the processes that will consistently ensure great customer service delivery. But how much of this is actually happening? To find out, we ask...

Insider Insights: CEM in Financial Services Benchmarking Report

The report provide insights into the most common challenges, the hottest topics and investment priorities for some of the biggest companies operating in Asia. •Top three challenges/ areas of improvement with regard to CEM •Top trends you foresee affecting CEM over the next 2 years •Top investment priorities in CEM...

Everything starts with loyalty

Loyalty is the basis of interpersonal relationships built on positive emotions. Find out how to create strong loyalty linkage between customers and company. 

The New Customer Experience Demands an Opposite Approach to Digital Transformation

To reach and engage these connected customers requires a relevant and informed approach that meets them on their terms, in their communities, in the right ways at the right time. This takes a significant investment in new strategy, technology, expertise and business models shaped and informed by data, insights and...

Uncovering the customer experience in contact centre

Customer Experience starts with your frontline employees. But how do you understand what they’re doing right and wrong when speaking to customers? Implement a CEM program into your contact centre. Watch this video to find out more.

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Customer Journey Mapping

Make sure your customer journey mapping initiative does not fall into this category with the following ten essential tips. •Start small •Don't forget to validate your findings •Seek solutions collaboratively •Get the most of customer journey mapping by...

Optimising Customer Experience In South East Asia

Consumers typically begin their journey by using online channels before progressing to mobile and traditional channels. However, online and mobile channels require a high number of interactions. This leads to greater consumer dissatisfaction as their query resolution is extended.

How Citibank Is Driving CX

Head of Customer & Digital Experience, APAC & EMEA for Citi, Niamh Byrne joins us from Customer Experience Management Summit Asia where she discusses covering 17 countries in Asia and Europe. She notes that she’ll often talk to New York HQ in the morning and perhaps at night and everyone...

Top Five Customer Experience Trends for Financial Services in Asia

At a time when industries like retail and travel are wholly revitalising their offerings in order to appeal to the word’s ‘digital natives’, the financial services industry is still deemed by many analysts to be moving too slowly for their customers’ liking. Discover the top customer experience trends for the...

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Why You Should Sponsor CX Financial Services Exchange Asia

The Exchange format represents a huge opportunity; you will have access to senior decision-makers who are currently looking to tap into innovative CX solutions and thought-leaderships to enhance the delivery of customer experience in their organisation.You will be able to conduct pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings – gaining key insights on...