Past Solution Providers


"The delegates are perfect. They’re exactly in the area that we are here to address – Customer Experience. It couldn’t be better. We have all the right people. The place where the event is taking place is fantastic. It is a resort style venue and people are relaxed and willing to connect and discuss their challenges. We find this really appropriate."
Jaroslaw Wlduykya, Managing Director APAC, Comarch
"The prescheduled one to one meetings work very well; on both sides nobody’s wasting any time when they get together. It works better than being in an exhibition format as well because you’re not grabbing people and trying to entice them over with quick little promotion items – in fact it’s completely different. It just gets straight to business so you sit down and you’re able to talk shop straight away."
Karl Price, Senior Director, International Marketing, Interactive Intelligence
"Right mix of business and environment - we achieved a lot in terms of meeting the right people. It was also a very ideal environment unlike those large-scale events where you don't remember the people you meet."